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I help women who have ended their fertility journey without a baby find acceptance and rediscover joy and hope in their lives.  

Online Therapeutic Coaching with Lisa 


Break free from the pain of childlessness. Discover acceptance, love and happiness within yourself. Start your transformation now! 

Meet Lisa

Therapeutic Childless Not by Choice Coach 





That’s right, I didn’t always manage my childless grief well and struggled not to let my anxiety and worry about the worst case scenario take away the joy of my future. 


When we first realized that children weren’t going to be in the cards for us, I felt really angry, bitter and completely devastated. I didn’t think I would ever find my way out of the dark place I found myself in. 


When I realized that I was choosing to allow my childless grief to prevent me from experiencing the joy and happiness of my future, I made a decision to do something about it. 


And here I am, a happily married, content and joyful Dog Mama looking forward to all that our future has in store for us! 


I used my own lived experience and over a decade of dedicated work within the mental health field to create a comprehensive five step program to empower and support childless women in finding their joy and hope again and ultimately in feeling at  peace with their childless lives.


What I Offer:



Free Nurture Circles 

I offer a one hour free nurture circle for women every 1 to 3 months

depending on interest. Please click on the button below to contact me about dates. 


One on One Services

I offer a single session as well as a one on one ten week program. 

Holding Hands
All Hands In


Group Supports

I offer a group program for childless women to unite together to provide support while also learning skills and tips to manage the tough days. 


Free Resources

I offer some free supports to help you manage on this difficult and challenging journey. 

Working on Laptop


Lisa provided me with all of the things that had been missing from my toolbox that I didn’t even know I needed! 


You think you’ve tried all the things and then she gives you ways to navigate the hard stuff and you realize you actually did need the help. 


It’s so nice to have found methods that I was able to use while still in the thick of everything life was throwing at me with Lisa to see that her methods really did work. It went far beyond my childlessness too. 


I was knee deep in health issues with 3 surgeries during the course of our sessions and her methods were helpful for life in general.


I’m really happy that I took the plunge and decided to learn from Lisa. I have no regrets except that I wish I had found her sooner. Thanks for everything, Lisa!

- Lauren

" It's funny to feel such a connection with an absolute stranger from Instagram but there it is. Lisa got me in ways so many of my loved ones didn't and there are so many out there that could benefit from this connection. "


"Lisa has wonderful ideas for uniting the childless not by choice community which is vital when so many are left feeling alone. She is a source of great inspiration to those who are transforming in their fertility journey by providing hope and light and I would recommend her to anyone looking for thoughtful guidance."

- Natalie

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